Background Check’s On Employees

Police checks are of great importance to the employers due to the numerous financial considerations associated with employing any person. One needs to take effective and active steps to ensure that their business is safe by knowing exactly who you are employing and whether they may have a history of legal issues from their past. When one is conscious of the mistakes that an employee has committed in the past, they are to make a sincere decision about their past and make a judgment on their suitability for the position of employment that they are seeking.

Individuals seeking employment should not be concerned that their employer will conduct a criminal background check without their consent as police checks cannot be obtained without the authorization of the person concerned.

While it is needful for the organization to put in place physical measures to detect intrusion from outside with equipment such as detectors and electronic and computer protection these equipments shield the organization from external danger and not within the organization.

Ironically employees are in an easier position to defraud their places of work than outsiders. Many companies make losses millions of shillings from theft within the company. This goes unreported as the many companies due to their policies and practices that are made public. The negative press against a company could badly daunt it’s image a situation that the management would want to avoid by all costs. A more profound reason why companies are reluctant to report theft within their companies is that the likely hood of recovering the stolen property or funds is very low

Business owners must take notice of the fact that fraud and theft exists in their company’s and the perpetrators are more willing to mislead other employer’s during interviews and job applications.They should therefore conduct a thorough police check that is very likely to expose the criminal history of the applicant in a very short time.

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