• Please note:  This site will continue to display GOES-15 (GOES-West Backup) imagery until the satellite’s decommissioning. GOES-15 (GOES-West Backup) operations (originally scheduled to continue only through early July 2019) has been extended at least through December 31, 2019. To view imagery from the operational GOES East (GOES-16) and GOES West (GOES-17) satellites, users may visit https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/goes/.

    NOAA GOES Geostationary Satellite Server
    NOAA GOES Geostationary Satellite Server

    GOES Contact Information

    E/SP, NSOF
    4231 Suitland Road
    Suitland, MD 20746

    5830 University Research Court
    College Park, MD 20740

    The Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO) encourages its constituents and the public to communicate their questions, ideas, concerns, and suggestions to us. To assist visitors to our Web site, this page provides points of contact for OSPO and GOES. Should you have any questions, please use the contact information listed below. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person for response.

    For any operational concerns, including outages and administrative information, contact the 24/7 Help Desk at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov or (301) 817-3880.

    For general public comments and inquiries, contact User Services at SPSD.Userservices@noaa.gov.

    For data access, contact Data Access Team at NESDIS.Data.Access@noaa.gov.

    For archived satellite imagery and data, contact Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS) at class.help@noaa.gov.

    For website information or issues, contact the webmaster at GOESWebmaster@noaa.gov. If a specific page or product is involved, please include the page URL or product information when writing, so your comment or question may be more easily directed to the appropriate person.

    GOES Web: www.bankthon.com
    OSPO Web: www.ospo.noaa.gov
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/NOAANESDIS
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/usnoaagov_ospo